Gabriel Chertok

Started to code at the age of 16 after my parents sent me to a web development course.

I was preparing myself to enter the humanities university in Uruguay to study literature but it became really evident to me that if I wanted to rent a house and go out at night I needed to leave my literature studies.

First Job

After a year of study, I got a job at TCS a big Indian company that was hiring in Montevideo.

I worked there for almost 3 years, 2 in Uruguay and 1 in Argentina. After that, I took a long vacation to visit some friends in Israel, one of the best trips I've ever made.


Since leaving TCS, I worked as a consultant first for JEE projects and afterward in JavaScript and client side technologies.

I worked for large enterprises like Worldspan, Equifax among others and trained people at UTE and Porto Seguro.

Fast Forward

I run technology at ingenious and help organize the React community in Uruguay.